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Zertifikate & Produktqualität



Recognized certificates offer great benefits to consumers and intermediate customers. They provide trust and security. Recognized certificates also have one big disadvantage, however:

They do not say anything about the quality of the product in use. For example, certificates also do not have any essential significance regarding how valuable ingredients actually are. This is also not their task, even if many consumers and companies believe that it is.

To exaggerate the point, one could certify pure water, for example, simply because it does not contain any damaging or prohibited ingredients. Pure water is valuable but just not a cosmetic product.

A product which bears a commonplace certificate therefore certainly corresponds to particular safety and quality criteria. Such a certificate does not, however, verify that a product actually contains valuable ingredients or that it is really well tolerated. This is where the NatCert quality seal comes in.

Produkte, die mit dem NatCert Gütesiegel ausgezeichnet sind, grenzen sich von immer mehr Billiganbieter-Waren ab, die zwar berechtigt anerkannte Zertifikate führen, letztlich aber kein funktionell zufriedenstellendes Produkt darstellen.

This is precisely what NatCert guarantees: Pure Green only applies the NatCert quality seal to products which, after being subjected to our tests, correspond to the recognized standards for natural cosmetics AND which are truly ideal for the application for which they are intended. Of course, the conclusion of epicutaneous testing with positive results is a prerequisite for awarding the NatCert quality seal.