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About NatCert



NatCert is a quality seal which certifies that products from Pure Green Cosmetics fulfil the highest quality and safety criteria for plant-based cosmetics. Products which carry the NatCert seal are developed and produced according to strict, internationally recognized regulations for natural cosmetics. The two most important standards in this field are set by 


NATRUE and COSMOS are two internationally recognized associations which are committed to the benefit of consumers in the field of natural and organic cosmetics. Both well known, they are considered to be the golden standard within the industry. The guidelines can be viewed on the websites stated.

Products which carry the NatCert seal are designed and manufactured according to these standards. This applies starting from the selection of raw materials through processing right up to the end-product.


Legal notice: This assessment of the certifiability always refers to the point in time of the product development and is subject the condition that it was submitted according to the best of the manufacturer's knowledge but is not meant to preempt the certification process as such. The latter applies, above all, for legal reasons. Pure Green does not claim that NatCert automatically corresponds to a certificate from COSMOS or NATRUE.


The vision of NATRUE is to promote and protect natural and organic cosmetics for the benefit of consumers worldwide. NATRUE is an international non-profit organisation based in Brussels. NATRUE certification can be awarded to raw materials as well as to final products. NATRUE ist eine internationale Non-Profit-Organisation mit Sitz in Brüssel. Die NATRUE-Zertifizierung ist sowohl für Rohstoffe als auch für Endprodukte möglich.

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Trust in organic and natural cosmetics.

The COSMOS standard was created by an international, non-profit association based in Belgium. 

COSMOS is committed to protecting the environment and people in the field of cosmetic products, in particular, natural and organic cosmetics. COSMOS ensures clear, understandable and transparent information for consumers. 

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