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NatCert Transparenz



The most important principle of the NatCert quality seal is the greatest possible degree of transparency and complete disclosure.

All products which carry the NatCert quality seal are listed on All ingredients are presented transparently and clear instructions for use are given. NatCert states the guidelines for natural cosmetics according to which the product was developed in a comprehensible manner. NatCert currently refers exclusively to the standards of COSMOS and NATRUE. NatCert führt klar nachvollziehbar an, nach welcher Naturkosmetikrichtlinie das Produkt entwickelt wurde. Derzeit bezieht sich NatCert ausschliesslich auf die Standards von COSMOS und NATRUE.

NatCert provides a complete list of the ingredients (INCI).

NatCert offers additional explanations regarding individual ingredients. These explanations are given in such a way that they are also easily comprehensible for non-experts.

NatCert offers additional important information such as instructions for use.


Legal notice: The Austrian code for foodstuffs is an administrative decree from the year 2009 and is currently under review. Some of the processes and raw materials which are not permitted under this decree are permitted by the internationally recognized guidelines of NATRUE and COSMOS. Products which carry the NatCert quality seal therefore do not refer to the Austrian code for foodstuffs in the version from 2009 but rather to the more advanced standards NATRUE and COSMOS with which the consumers are most familiar. 


Here you can find easily comprehensible explanations and lists of ingredients as well as instructions for use for natural cosmetic products.

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The basis for complete transparency are products which meet recognized standards.